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What do you call the Boss from Hell?

The   Head Slug "Boss" Mouse Cock "Boss" from  Hell

Little Mickey: The Boss from Hell

Little Mickey, the Mouse from Hell
Is He takin' the piss? It’s so hard to tell
A threat masked in pep
To the bridge we all shlep
A hospital wing, for all those who fell

A secure facility, for His victims to wail
Named, shamed and gamed, then setup to fail
Walled and secured
Bequeathed by His Lord'
God's Gift of the Wing, we bow down and hail!

Such a tiny Mouse with a behemoth head
Raised and stilted, on the bones of the dead
The thirtieth piece
Sliced from the deceased
Oh Judas, you are so well read

Merchant of Venice, Architect of the wrecked
What conscience hast Thou, for the souls of the decked
Ship of faux jewels
Family of fools
Portia please save me, before He dissects

But what shall we call Him, oh Lord of the Dread?
With His little black boots and His door chilling head
The pernicious Shylock?
Crowing peacock?
A snow-white marshmallow, painted with lead

Ode to Little Mickey, the Mouse who roared
A powered throne, transmuted him clawed
An egotist
A muscovite cyst


When rumination and circular thoughts overwealm you and it is impossible to exorcise them. The best thing to do is write them down and let them go.

Release them
and watch them float away
like leaves on a stream

Originally Published on Vocal Media

This Article was originally published by Tim StiX on vocal.media.
The Sober Bard - Feb 2021
The Sober Bard is an imaginative writer with a poetic licence.
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