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Ode to a Rose

Tim StiX - Ode to a Rose

Petals pucker forth like lips
Radiance and bliss
Soft caressing fingertips
A lover's tender kiss

Tim StiX - Ode to a Rose

Pink for grace, red for love
Of royal purple please beware
White a pure and peaceful dove
Yellow to show you care

Tim StiX - Ode to a Rose

A single rose as magical
As Cupid's feathered dart
Nectar sweet to scent them all
Each bud a work of art

Tim StiX - Ode to a Rose

Petals puckered forth as lips
To grace a lover's kiss
Reverent rose beyond eclipse
For joy ...
   No cell amiss

Tim StiX - Ode to a Rose

Originally Published on Vocal Media

This Article was originally published by Tim StiX on vocal.media.
The Sober Bard - May 2021
The Sober Bard is an imaginative writer with a poetic licence.
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